In Studio Hillier's effort to contribute to our brave healthcare workers' safety, Studio Hillier has donated 800 face shields to 12 hospitals and 3 nonprofits. The most notable part of our effort has been the community response.

“I literally teared up after I opened the box and saw all you accomplished for us. Thank you so much for doing this. It fulfilled 2 needs for my colleagues: PPE; And demonstrating that our community cares they are thinking about us and they want to help. The latter is so important right now.”

–Dr. Joseph Hancock, Medical Director at Princeton Anesthesiology Services & Princeton Medical Center

"These shields are the best I’ve seen yet! Thank you Studio Hillier! So comfortable and easily cleaned. Really appreciate your kindness during these trying times."

–Joe Bogdan, CEO of Hamilton Continuing Care Center

"A big shout out to you all for the amazing face shields to help keep us safe. Thank you for your kindness and thinking of us here at HCC [Hamilton Continuing Care Center]!"

–Yolanda Stinger at Hamilton Continuing Care Center

"Thank you, Studio Hillier, for your face shields –Merwick Therapy Department"

–Merwick Care and Rehab Center

Pictured: Healthcare workers at Merwick Care and Rehab Center in Plainsboro, NJ, and Hamilton Continuing Care Center in Hamilton, NJ