BD Campus Center
Unearthing Cohesion
Franklin Lakes, NJ

Project Type

The Campus Center at Becton Dickinson is a 38,500-square-foot facility that bridges and blurs the boundaries between building/landscape, indoor/outdoor, roof/earth, figure/ground, and the two local business cultures of management/production.


Over 500 people can simultaneously enjoy a number of dining venues, multi-station serveries, kitchens, retail store, coffee bar and café, bank, dry cleaner, and support areas including a loading dock and mezzanine-level mechanical areas. There are exterior dining terraces, and areas within the building that can be partitioned into intimate dining or meeting areas.

The Great Lawn


Site design focused on sustainability and the sanctity of the open space between the main buildings known as the “Great Lawn.” The reconstituted lawn as a means of site conservation reduces storm water run-off and minimizes below grade structures, piping and eliminates heat islands.

Sustainable Design


The thermal envelope and vegetative roof achieve 50% reduction of the U value through the use of concrete trombe walls. The glass roof achieves with optimal thermal conductivity and solar heat gain and light transmittance using 80% glass frit. Heating and air conditioning is a combination of radiant cooling and heating. The displacement ventilation allows the high ceiling space to be stratified reducing the heating and cooling requirements of the space, therefore reducing energy consumption.