Princeton, NJ

Project Type

Copperwood is a 153-unit rental apartment complex on a beautifully wooded site in Princeton Township surrounded by the 200-acre Princeton Ridge Preserve.


More than 17 acres of the 21-acre site are preserved, giving the residents unobstructed views of natural settings in all directions. This design saved 487 trees more than a previously approved design by a national homebuilder and disturbs only 17% of the site versus the original 77%.

Preserve Nature, Save Trees


In order to preserve the site with its pristine Beech tree landscape, the project footprint has been minimized with five apartment buildings tightly organized around piazzas, courtyards, and gardens and sitting atop a below grade garage. The carefully studied placement of the complex into the existing woods has minimized the site disturbance and tree removal and protected the existing specimen trees.

Sustainable Design


With numerous energy efficient features using sustainable construction systems, the project is designed to be constructed and perform at a LEED silver standard. Rainwater is harvested, stored in underground cisterns, and then recycled as “grey water” within the building and as irrigation for the landscaping on the plaza level. The reduced impervious coverage, the harvesting of rainwater, and the use of bio-swales eliminates the need for a detention basin on site. The grey water strategy plus the installation of water efficient fixtures reduces water usage by 40%.

Urban Park


The surrounding pathways from the woods are connected to the landscaped plaza which accesses the community amenities of the complex including the café/lounge, meeting room, and health club. The urban park character of the plaza is intended to encourage interaction among the residents and create a strong sense of community.