Duke French Family Science Center
A Campus Nexus for Scientific Research and Teaching
Durham, NC

The Science Center includes 275,000 square-feet of teaching and research space for the Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments. The building contains state-of-the-art research and collections greenhouses, and connects with the existing Biology and Physics buildings to strengthen the research community on campus. To help unify the research buildings, the project includes significant landscape and utility improvements as well as selected renovations in the existing facilities.

Supporting Research through Design


The modular design incorporates a combination of bench research, laboratory support and shared support in laboratory spaces. The design of casework and services easily facilitates changing team size, new equipment and research needs. Locating faculty and graduate offices adjacent to the laboratories provides easy access and communication.

The Atrium


The design centers research, teaching, office and supports spaces around an atrium, the vertical connection for the building’s various functions. The atrium extends daylight into the building and provides a link to the adjacent research buildings. Communal spaces are located throughout the atrium to encourage interaction.