Duke NUS
Transforming Healthcare Education with Integrated Learning and Collaborative Spaces


Duke University Medical School and the National University of Singapore created a joint venture to develop and operate a U.S.-style graduate medical school on the Sing Health Campus in central Singapore. 

Innovative Design for Integrated Learning


Designed to enable an integrated approach combining academic learning, strong clinical training and critical thinking skills, the 10-story building contains a variety of spaces for learning and research.

Heart of Campus Collaboration


Fostering collaboration and creating a campus “heart” are key objectives of the central atrium. The atrium ties library and academic spaces at ground level with principal investigators and post-doctorates on the research floors above.

Year-Round Comfort


In keeping with local climate and tradition, the exterior’s louvres and sunshades condition perimeter spaces while the building massing shades exterior spaces, making them enjoyable year-round.