Goucher Athenaeum
A Community Hub for Learning and Culture
Baltimore, MD

Project Type

The Athenaeum at Goucher College combines the energies, talents and traditions of its campus and community in one central location. Anchored by a new, technologically superior library, the signature building serves as both a physical centerpiece for the campus and the figurative heart of its academic community. The new library expands the college’s collection capacity by 50,000 volumes, for a total of approximately 350,000, and will be fully wired with state-of-the-art technology.

An Outdoor Venue for Infinite Possibilities


Outside the library’s doors, a spacious open forum—modeled after the amphitheaters of Europe—serves as a focal point for outdoor events and performances. The character of this wide-open space changes from day-to-day and even hour-by-hour. The lower level is a stage that can be configured to accommodate various kinds of readings, performances, panel discussions and other public events. A giant video screen serves as its backdrop.

A Place for Connection and Inspiration


These central elements connect to a café, art gallery, college radio station and center for the college’s community service and multicultural affairs programming, as well as space for exercise, conversation, and quiet reflection and relaxation.

Green Campus Innovation


As part of Goucher’s mission to be a “green” campus, the Athenaeum incorporates several sustainable design features including a green roof, a rain garden, high-performance glass, recycled materials, and efficient mechanical systems.

Modern Aesthetic


Inspired by the modernist, crafted aesthetic for which the Goucher campus is increasingly well-known, the exterior includes elements of glass, stone, wood and copper – the predominant materials found in Goucher’s buildings.