K. Hovnanian
Riverside Real Estate
Redbank, NJ

Project Type

Hovnanian Companies built a 65,200-square-foot world headquarters in Red Bank, New Jersey that became the new home for its managing executives. Hovnanian, a public homebuilding company traded on the New York Stock Exchange, is currently the eighth largest homebuilder in the U.S. Their headquarters house real estate, accounting, legal and architectural executives. Three floors of offices and parking levels located beneath them, are arranged around a central skylight, utilizing structural glass in the atrium floor and pedestrian bridges to transmit daylight to the lower parking levels.

River views

The 1.5-acre site is located along the Navesink River in downtown Red Bank. The main entry plaza along Front and Riverside Streets features a public plaza and extensive fountain system. The building facade along these streets is articulated to complement the scale and traditional architectural vernacular of the downtown area. When viewed from the river, the building presents a transparent expression of a glass curtain wall. From the building, the glass curtain wall and balconies offer expansive views of the waterfront.


Cascading pools


The water features at the plaza create the symbolic link between the building and the Navesink River. The water originates at the entrance of the building and flows outward between the planters into concentric pools. These pools collect in an outer ring of water that traverses down the site in a series of small cascades that terminate in larger pools at the lower vehicular entrance to the parking garage.