The Peddie School Kaye and Green Dormitories
Handsome Additions to a Picturesque Campus
Hightstown, NJ

The Green Dormitory is named after former Peddie Headmaster, John Green. The site for this dormitory was conceived by the Associate Headmaster, Mike McKitish, who realized that, with the school’s post office being relocated and with the removal of the outdated faculty residence attached to Avery there was room for a new dormitory directly on The Mall. The Kaye Dormitory is named in honor of donor and Former Trustee Robert M. Kaye. It occupies the site of the former Kerr Dormitory.

A Handsome Addition: Green Dormitory

Green Dormitory has larger more modern windows than the older dorms on The Mall, but the building takes its architectural cues from the nearby Trask Dormitory with its Mansard roof and chimneyed end walls. With its brick matching the other dorms, it is a handsome addition to The Mall. The building has two residences and two apartments for faculty and can house up to 38 girls.

Two Dorms in One: Kaye Dormitory

Originally conceived as two separate dormitories, the current design saves valuable campus land and offers housing flexibility since, internally, it is divided into two separate sections. Each section contains a faculty apartment and a faculty residence that faces Hightstown’s Main Street and is seated to the nearby residences. The Kaye Dorm can house up to 60 students and is now occupied by boys in each section.