The Waxwood
History Reinvented
Princeton, NJ

Project Type

Named after a well-known former principal, “The Waxwood” adaptively reuses the former Witherspoon School in order to rehabilitate a building of significant historical and cultural value and to address a need for housing within Princeton Borough.  The conversion of the former school into 34 one and two bedroom apartments focused on both restoring the exterior appearance to its original condition, as well as exploring a mix of unit types, including loft apartments that frame panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Walking distance


Other features of the development include the creation of a residential walking garden, and a cobblestone paved entry court.  Windows were restored to their full height; in some cases they measure 5 feet wide by over 8 feet high.  Totaling almost 44,000 gross square feet, the building has units that range from 600 to 1300 square feet in size.  Several units open to private gardens or decks.  All required parking is achieved on site.  Two elevators serve three floors of units, and each unit is designed to be accessible.  As such, The Waxwood is particularly well suited for older residents who are seeking to live within walking distance of the Princeton downtown community.

Historical Property