Urban Trifecta
Downtown Warehouse Transformation
Princeton, NJ

Studio Hillier identified an opportunity to transform a warehouse/garage, on Witherspoon Street in downtown Princeton, into a storefront architectural studio. The studio is flanked on either side by a residential-turned-commercial property which was also in need of revitalization. By restoring life into the buildings and the street, Studio Hillier sought to further enhance the surrounding neighborhood and community.

Master Planning

The comprehensive plan to integrate retail, residential, and office space was developed through several meetings with the Witherspoon-Jackson Community. By engaging with local residents and community leaders from the beginning of the design process, valuable and helpful information was offered and incorporated into the design.

In addition to the 6,600 sf warehouse transformation into an architectural studio, the two adjacent properties to were to be turned into 2,000 sf of retail on the ground floor and 2,000 sf of residential space above.  Four apartment units were created, two of which meet the affordable housing requirements.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design and Green Building practices are implemented throughout the project.  Natural light monitors, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting are used, and the interiors are fitted with Energy Star appliances, dual flush lavatories, and energy-efficient lighting.


The project required 35 total parking spaces for the Mixed-use development. To keep parking off neighboring streets, a cross-easement was established between The Waxwood condominiums (owned by Hillier Properties) and 190 Witherspoon.