Studio Hillier Celebrates 50 Years of Title IX


PRINCETON, NJ — Thirty-seven words string together to craft the hallmark piece of legislation that opens a door of opportunity for women and girls all across America. This hallmark piece of legislation is known as Title IX.


Title IX states, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”


The impact of Title IX on the education system is unparalleled as prior to its passage women were often excluded from or had limited access to education programs. Now, both men and women can equally take advantage of any course of study regardless of gender stereotypes about traditionally “male” or “female” coursework or professions.


To round out the three-part series honoring the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, the focus shifts to honoring the women who helped to shape the Hillier reputation and provide a base of distinguished success that the firm continues to build upon.


Quick Hitters:
  • In 1976, Barbara Hillier (Weinstein) creates and leads the Interiors Studio
  • In 1988, under the leadership of Design and Managing Principal Barbara Hillier, a full-service regional office opens in Philadelphia
  • Hillier Architecture saw at least 25 women as part of the firm’s leadership
    • Jan Bishop, AIA; Dawn A Condon, CPA; Barbara A. Hillier serve as Principals
    • Brenda Nyce-Taylor, IIDA and Sonja Bijelic, RA served as an Associate Principals
    • Margaret Brown; Laura B. Carlson, AIA; Sharon A. Dunham; Amy E. Fink, Margaret Fitzpatrick, AIA; Janet M. Garwood, ASLA; Lynn Hake, AIA; Susan L. Kutner, AIA; Marcia A. Owens served as Senior Associates
    • Denise DiLello; Rosemarie Fabien, PhD; Susan Goodman; Sarah E. Hoolihan; Barbara Leonard; Lisa L. Losey; Arlene G Pancione; Deborah B. Rockey, RA; Joanna Strauss, AIA, PP; Dawn M. Southwick; Donna Terzano, Associate AIA served as Associates
  • NJIT renames its architecture and design school the J. Robert and Barbara A. Hillier College of Architecture and Design.


In addition to workplace cultivation, Hillier provides numerous scholarship opportunities to women entering the academic space of architecture and design.


  • The Florence Bell Hillier Scholarship presented by the Women’s College Club of Princeton
  • The Kimberly Baldwin Hillier Scholarship
    • Andover Academy
    • Cornell University
    • New Jersey Institute of Technology


The first part of the Title IX series featured Barbara Hillier, co-founder of Studio Hillier, and her career as an award-winning architect and designer. The second feature in the series was dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments of the six women who are currently members of the Studio Hillier team.