Meet the Interns:

Nikita Goswami + Justin Mortman


PRINCETON, NJ — Studio Hillier is pleased to announce that Justin Mortman will be returning to Studio Hillier as an intern for the winter. Justin has proven to be a valuable asset to our team during his summer internship and we are excited to have him back. We are also thrilled to welcome Nikita Goswami to the team as a new intern. Studio Hillier is confident that Nikita’s skills and insights will be invaluable assets to our firm as we continue to grow and thrive.


Studio Hillier is committed to providing valuable learning experiences for our interns and is looking forward to supporting both Justin and Nikita as they grow and develop their architectural skills. Please join us in welcoming them back and aboard!


Justin Mortman


Justin Mortman is a third-year Bachelor of Architecture student at Cornell University. Before Cornell, he attended Princeton Day School, where he completed the 4-year architecture program for high school students. In addition, he spent his previous summer interning at Studio Hillier, where he had the opportunity to work with the incredibly talented members of the team while gaining valuable hands-on experience in the field of architecture. Justin’s passion for architecture is rooted in his love of the design process and the evolution between the initial concept and the final product. Moving forward, he hopes to design sustainable architecture that serves the community and is aesthetically pleasing. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends, creating music, and hiking.

Nikita Goswami


Nikita Goswami is a fourth-year Bachelor of Architecture student at Syracuse University. Returning from semesters in London and NYC, she is inspired by the many examples of public space in the city and the role of architecture in creating those interesting and exciting moments that draw people into a space. Still fairly young in her career, Nikita is thrilled by everything she doesn’t know about the field, and is excited to see how she will continuously learn and grow as a designer for the rest of her time in school and beyond. In her free-time, she loves to draw and paint, binge-watch movies, and cook with friends!